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The Heart of our Daylight Technology - The Bulbs!

Our new line of ColorView Daylight bulbs come in a line voltage (120 volt) PAR bulb (screw-in socket), fully dimmable with a 2500 hour life time that reproduces the full color spectrum of natural daylight at 3500K! Our full line of extensions allow you to install our PARs in any can or socket. Click on "PAR Extensions" at left located under heading "Line Voltage Fixtures". Allow lamps time to cool before handling as they do get hot.

ColorView PAR 30s (3.75" dia) available in 75 watts,10 degree beamspread and 10 degree diffused. Length 3.00", Width 3.75". If you have a deeper fixture that requires a PAR 30 long neck (overall length greater than 4" you will need to purchase a 1.25" PAR Extension.

SoLux PAR 38s (4.75" dia) available in 90 watts, four beamspreads (30,50) and 30 & 50 degree diffused. Length 4.75", Width 4.75"

Enter the number of bulbs to purchase:
QtyPAR 30 *ColorView*
75Watt PAR30/10 Degree Narrow Spot/3500K $17.95
QtyPAR 38 *ColorView*
90Watt PAR38/30 Degree Flood/3500K $17.95
90Watt PAR38/50 Degree Wide Flood/3500K $17.95

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