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The SoLux Solar Simulator

The Solar Simulator is the STANDARD when it comes to using a light source for color matching automotive paints. Recommended by a number of leading paint companies including DuPont, BASF, Valspar, and Sherwin Williams. The Solar Simulator's ability to match daylight is unequaled.

The Solar Simulator uses a sturdy high-tech fixture with a SoLux lamp. The fixture has an integral 12 volt 75 watt transformer, a U-shaped mounting yoke, six-foot electrical cord with on/off switch, and an optional six inch round base. The SoLux lamp used by the Solar Simulator emits a crisp white light whose color, spectrum, and directionality closely simulates sunlight on a cloudless day. The unit comes with a SoLux 50 watt, 4700K, 36 Degree bulb. With a Color Rendering Index of 99+, this lamp is ideal for all types of color matching.

Please select your voltage and quantity:
120V Fixture: $295.00    Quantity:
220V Fixture: $345.00    Quantity:

Optional 6" Round Base: $20.00    Quantity:

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