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The SoLux Wall Mount Lamp

The SoLux Single Wall Mount Lamps (left) are the right solution for up or down lighting to accent a room. They can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. SoLux bulbs and diffusers are not included with the Single Wall Mount fixture.

The SoLux Wall Mount Lamps exclusively utilize the SoLux Daylight Bulb developed and patented by Tailored Lighting

When you purchase SoLux, you are getting:
  • #1 light source specified by museums worldwide.
  • Light source certified as the best daylight source by independent labs, Fortune 500 companies, organizations, and professionals.

  • With these features come unequalled benefits:
  • Optimal Visual Clarity.
  • Increased Depth Perception.
  • True Color
  • True Daylight 24/7.

    A partial List of Museums, Artists, and Art Galleries where SoLux can be found:

  • * Musee d'Orsay in Paris France "The curse of the d'Orsay is solved"
    * Rijksmuseum Eregalerij, The Gallery of Honor, Netherlands
    * Van Gogh Museum, Netherlands "You allowed us to see things we've never seen before"
    * National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
    * Los Angeles County Museum, CA
    * Artrain, Collection of NASA and Air and Space Museum, "Thanks for a great product"
    * Guggenheim Museum, NY, NY, and Bilbao Spain, 2001 Giorgio Armani Exhibit
    * Rembrandt House, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    I have set up a small home office in the foyer of the home I'm renting from, and the lighting is poor. The wall mount will look great in this location. More importantly, it will be great for reading etc. I don't know if you remember, but since Lasik surgery a couple years ago, sufficient and quality lighting is extremely important. Thanks again, Troy

    These light fixtures are guaranteed to add style, grace, and functionality to every room they are mounted.

    The single head light fixture requires one SoLux bulb. The SoLux 3500K 36 degree 35W Black Back bulb is recommended for the fixture because the reflector is exposed and the light is allowed to escape out the back. The black back bulb eliminates any light escaping out the back. Single head fixture installs in a ceiling or wall light fixture outlet.

    Qty:Single Round Head LightPrice:
    White: Fixture requires 1 bulb $87.00
    Black: Fixture requires 1 bulb $87.00

    Qty:Single Gimbal Head LightPrice:
    White: Fixture requires 1 bulb $109.90
    Black: Fixture requires 1 bulb $109.90
    Brush Nickel: Fixture requires 1 bulb $109.90

    Qty:Single Frameable Head LightPrice:
    White: Fixture requires 1 bulb $87.00
    Black: Fixture requires 1 bulb $87.00
    Brushed Nickel: Fixture requires 1 bulb $97.00

    Select Bulb Type:
    Quantity of Bulbs: (Bulbs are $21.95 each)

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