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SoLux Floor Lamps

The SoLux Floor Lamp is adjustable from 45" to 65" tall and comes in four classic colors: antique bronze, brushed steel, dark bronze, and rust . The head tilts and rotates about the 11 inch diameter base to produce optional illumination for reading. The lighting unit comes with a with on-off foot switch on the 7 foot cord. Kevin McGuire, the inventor of SoLux, uses the antique brass Ultimate Reading Light next to his reclining chair at his home every evening for reading and working on his lap top computer. He loves the quality of light emitted by the lamp and especially likes that the SoLux bulb is recessed deep within the fixture which helps eliminate glare.

All of our floor lamps are compatible with our new SoLux Screw-in Flood and Diffused Bulbs in a Par 20 (2.5" diameter), 3500K, 50 watt format. The flood light will give you more of a directional beam of natural daylight. The diffuse light will give you softer, more spread out light. Bulb selection is offered with individual lamp type. SoLux Bulbs are not included with the lamp pricing.

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