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SoLux Desk Lamps

The SoLux Desk Lamp is adjustable from 16" to 23" tall and comes in four classic colors: antique bronze, brushed steel, dark bronze, and rust . The lighting unit comes with an on-off thumb-wheel switch located near the lamps base. The cord is 7 foot long, the sturdy base is 7 inches in diameter. Kevin McGuire, the inventor of SoLux, uses the brushed steel Ultimate Reading Light on his work desk. He loves the quality of light emitted by the lamp, the ability to tilt and rotate the fixture head and especially likes that the SoLux bulb is recessed deep within the fixture which reduces glare. To virtually eliminate all glare, he also uses a honeycomb louver. This option is available below. The SoLux Ultimate Reading Lamp Requires one SoLux Screw-in PAR20 SoLux Bulb.

All of our desk lamps are compatible with our new SoLux Screw-in Flood and Diffused Bulbs in the PAR20 (2.5" diameter), 3500K, 50 watt format. The FLOOD light will give you more of a directional beam of natural daylight. The DIFFUSED light will give you softer, more spread out light.

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The Honeycomb Louver is used to reduce stray light coming out of the bulb. Use only with a PAR20 SoLux bulb. Place it over the bulb and you will not be able to see the light exiting the source unless you are directly in its path.

Price of Honeycomb Louver for PAR 20: $22.95
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