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Welcome to Tailored Lighting, Inc., your source for lighting!

Tailored Lighting Inc (TLI), headquartered in Rochester, New York, is celebrating 30 years of innovation, service, and sales to the art museum, photography, industrial, and consumer markets. The daylight simulation sources we've developed SoLux and ColorView have been installed by many of the world's most recognized and famous museums including the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Musee d'Orsay in Paris, and Guggenheim in NYC. Works by Degas, Monet, Renior, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Cezanne illuminated by our light's natural daylight spectrum reveal the true beauty and genius that was hidden for hundreds of years under the old lighting. When you buy from TLI you are guaranteed you are getting the authentic light sources directly from the company that invented them. When you call Tailored Lighting you speak to a live person that is dedicated to helping you solve your lighting issue.


We recently purchased Soraa Vivid PAR 30 3000K and MR-16 4000K sources to evaluate them ourselves and see how they claim to achieve the 95 CRI stated in their literature and printed on their boxes. We found their spectrum deviated greatly from true daylight. Soraa's spectrum also contains the characteristic LED blue spike that was credited for turning Van Gogh's Sunflowers brown (above). The American Medical Association (AMA) has recently come out with guidelines discouraging use of LEDs, "AMA encourage minimizing and controlling blue-rich environmental lighting by using the lowest emission of blue light possible...All LED lighting should be properly shielded to minimize glare and detrimental human and environmental effects." Don't be fooled with the LED glitz. The best light source in the world for daylight simulation with the highest color rendering remains SoLux!

Tailored Lighting is A+ Member of the Better Business Bureau
29! Years of Innovative Products and Excellent Service

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Contact Information:
50 Vantage Point Drive, Suite 7A
Rochester, NY 14624
Tel: (585) 328-2170
Fax: (585) 617-3902

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