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SoLux Telescoping Lamp

The Telescoping Light Fixture is a unique and stylish lamp available only through Tailored Lighting Inc. The fixture comes with a "C" clamp and weighted base with mount providing multiple ways to use and configure the fixture. The Telescoping Light Fixture utilizes SoLux MR-16 low voltage formatted bulbs providing even more flexibility in color temperature choices. SoLux is a patented light source that provides an unparalleled replication of the daylight spectrum. SoLux has been tested, approved, and recommended by the worlds most exacting color experts in various disciplines ranging from museum lighting, light therapy, photography, digital color proofing, automotive paint finishing, and machine vision.

We suggest using a SoLux 5000K or 4700K 50Watt Low Voltage Black Back Bulb with this fixture to provide the highest quality daylight possible for color matching, color proofing, or color grading applications. For hobbies such as quilting, stamp collecting, and activities that require fine detail work we recommend 4100K. For reading or office work we recommend 3500K. You will get accurate, consistent daylight performance from this fixture unlike anything you have ever seen. Bulb not included with fixture.

Remember, this is a special fixture and the top will get hot. We recommend that you position the light before or just after you turn it on.

The telescoping lamp comes with a plug-in transformer with on/off switch and 8 foot cord to power the fixture. In line on/off thumb-wheel switches are optional. The lamp also comes with weighted base and mount shown at right.

You can order an optional plano-convex diffuser to produce a wider beam spread with a soft light, or a plano-plano diffuser if you only want to soften the light. To reduce glare we recommend ordering a honeycomb louver. **Diffusers and louvers require a clip to attach diffuser to bulb.** If a brighter and more direct daylight beam is required, simply use the SoLux bulb of your choice with no diffuser or louver.

The telescoping neck measures 28 inches to 16 inches long. The standard clamp can accommodate a surface 2 inches thick. Fixture pivots 0 to 90 degrees from vertical. The pivot rod can be moved so the fixture can tilt away from or toward the clamping surface. See photo below. The installation of the SoLux lamp into the socket requires a fine blade screwdriver. The socket screws must be firmly screwed into the lamp pins otherwise there will not be proper electrical contact potentially leading to socket failure. Use the metal rod to position the lamp head. Enjoy your Telescoping SoLux Light Fixture knowing you have the most versatile, highest color rendering, stylish light source money can buy.

Price of Telescoping Fixture includes weighted base, mount, clamp, cord, and transformer. Bulb not included: $0
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