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The daylight provided by SoLux is dependent on the voltage applied to it. SoLux specifications are based on a drive voltage of 12 volts. If SoLux is driven at alternate voltages, the color temperature, foot-candles, and lifetime will all change. We offer data tables on our Specification Page. Tailored Lighting does not provide dimmer switches to its customers a this time, however, in order to better serve our customers that prefer SoLux dimmed, we have a list of products that some of us have used in our own homes. Your results may vary from our results and Tailored Lighting is not responsible for any harm, injury, or damage that may result from using any type of dimmer with SoLux.

A single pole circuit refers to one switch for one light. A 3 way circuit refers to multiple switches for a single light fixture.

All model types are manufactured by Lutron.

  • Dimmer for Line Voltage 600 watt max, single pole:S-600P
  • Dimmer for Line Voltage 600 watt max, 3 way:S-603P
  • Dimmer for Line Voltage 1000 watt max, single pole:S-10P
  • Dimmer for Line Voltage 1000 watt max, 3 way:S-103P
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