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NEW! ColorView Bulbs

ColorView® bulbs are replacements for the traditional incandescent screw-in Edison bulbs. ColorView bulbs are energy efficient, long life, and emit a full and even light spectrum with a CRI of 100 at 3000K. 3000K light is whiter than the traditional Edison bulb and warmer than a SoLux 3500K bulb. The light emitted by ColorView Bulbs will make the colors, textures, surfaces, and objects in your home and office come to life. ColorView bulbs reproduce the full color spectrum including deep red, unlike replacement LED and fluorescent lights that dull colors. ColorView bulbs are dimmable, and run off line voltage (120 volt screw-in socket). ColorView bulbs come in a frosted and new clear bulb format:

  • 29 watts (40 watt equivalent, 310 lumens)

    ColorView Lights the way for Incandescent Replacement.

  • ColorView light bulbs provide uncompromising light and true color with a CRI of 100 at 3000K
  • ColorView uses 28% less energy and last 43% longer than traditional incandescent light sources.
  • ColorView light bulbs appear 20% brighter and 35% whiter than traditional incandescent light sources.
  • ColorView contains no mercury and is environmentally safe.
  • ColorView light bulbs will make objects in your home or office come alive with vivid colors and textures hidden by LED and fluorescent lights.
  • Color Rendering Index R9 value over 90, R12 value over 95!.

  • ColorView installed in lights over kitchen table.

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    ColorView 29 Watt, Clear Bulb/3000K, Price ea. $3.95

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