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The SoLux Closet Light

The daylight of SoLux where you really need it: In your closet. The SoLux Closet Light shows your wardrobe's true colors, even in the darkest corner. Our ultra high color rendering (99+) enables you see the difference between navy-blue and black, white and off-white. We guarantee you will be able to select your clothes faster and better than ever. SoLux is used by the world's leading clothing designers like Ralph Lauren and Armani for color evaluation and museums such as the Van Gogh Museum and National Gallery of Art because it provides the closest simulation of natural daylight of any light source in the world. Click on the word SoLux to learn more.

Enhance the investment in your home and wardrobe with the best lighting money can buy. Look your best! The Closet light comes with ONE (1) or THREE (3) adjustable head(s). The Single head fixture (measuring 4.5" in diameter and 5.5" height) is suitable for a standard wall closet while the Three head fixture (7" diameter and 9" height) is recommended for up to a 10 X 10 foot walk-in closet. Both fixtures mount either on the ceiling or the wall and come in white or platinum. The electronic transformer(s) are housed inside the trim cover. The transformers utilize a "soft start" technology that gradually ramps up the power to the bulbs preserving bulb life. Point the fixtures at hard to distinguish colors, suits, pants, shirts, shoes. No more guessing what you'll look like when you step outdoors. For either fixture, to achieve a wider beam spread with a softer light order the optional plano-convex diffuser. To soften light only, order the optional plano-plano diffuser. You will LOVE your closet light. Guaranteed Satisfaction.

The single head closet fixture requires one SoLux bulb, the three head fixture requires three SoLux bulbs. The SoLux 4100K 36 degree 35W Black Back bulb is recommended for the 1 and 3 head fixture because the reflector is exposed and the light is allowed to escape out the back. The black back bulb eliminates any light escaping out the back. Both single and triple head fixture installs in a ceiling light fixture outlet. If no wall switch is available, we offer a pull switch add-on that requires a 13/32" hole to install. USE CLOSET LIGHT WITH A SOLUX 35 WATT LAMP ONLY. DO NOT USE CLOSET LIGHT WITH A DIMMER SWITCH. FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL CAUSE DAMAGE TO TRANSFORMER AND VOID WARRANTY.

Qty:Single Head Closet LightPrice:
White: Fixture requires 1 bulb $85.90
Black: Fixture requires 1 bulb $85.90

Qty:Triple Head Closet LightPrice:
White: Fixture requires 3 bulbs $0.00

Select Bulb Type:
Quantity of Bulbs: (Bulbs are $19.95 each)

Price of Optional Plano Convex Diffuser: $10.00
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Price of Optional Plano Plano Diffuser: $7.50
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Price of Optional Pull Switch: $6.95
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