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The Solar Simulator Ten Light Array has everything you need to do your proofing at your work station area or light a wall with pure SoLux daylight. The 5" x 5-1/2" x 26-1/2", 500 watt, 15 lb fixture includes: Ten SoLux 36 degree lamps, mounting brackets, and power cord. It provides SoLux lighting recommended by all the color experts. Used with SoLux 4700K bulbs it outputs a whopping 13,900 candle power. You can illuminate an area over 35 square feet with over 120 footcandles at a distance of 10 feet. Used with other SoLux bulbs:

SoLux     Candle Power Footcandles
3500K        22,850         197
4100K        16,220         140
4700K        13,900         120
5000K        25,920*       223*
* Beam Spread of 5000K SoLux Bulbs is 26 degrees resulting in a 20 square foot illuminated area with fixture 10 feet away.

This 120 volt multi-compartment strip light accepts 12 volt, 50 watt, SoLux MR-16 lamps. Each 10 lamp array is comprised of 10 sockets wired in series for a maximum rating of 750 watts.

To achieve a wider beam spread with a softer light order the plano-convex diffuser. To soften light only, order the plano-plano diffuser. NOTE: If you order the optional diffusers, a quantity of 10 are required for each Solar Simulator Ten Light Array unit. It is recommended to replace all ten lamps at once.

Please select your 10 lamp array and quantity:
3500K 10 Light Array: $765.00    Quantity:
4100K 10 Light Array: $765.00    Quantity:
4700K 10 Light Array: $765.00    Quantity:
5000K 10 Light Array: $815.00    Quantity:

Optional Diffusers:
Quantity of Diffusers:

I wanted to say once more that SoLux bulbs make all the difference for my photo editing work. Not only do they provide a clean, reliable basis from which to do color editing, but my eyes typically feel less strained when I use them to light my computer work space. I use the SoLux 10-lamp array in my digital dark room and I am very pleased with it. Thanks again for providing this great product.

Sincerely, David K. Smith

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