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SoLux Adaptor Fixtures

These fixtures are a great and easy way to convert a regular screw in recessed can fixture to accommodate a low voltage SoLux daylight bulb. With the 6" Recessed Adaptor Trim Fixtures (pictured on the right), all you need to do is screw the transformer into your existing recessed can and snap in the new trim. Click for installation instructions. The wide range of tilt and rotation offered by the trim options shown below make it perfect for directing daylight where you need it.

To achieve a wider beam spread with a softer light order the plano-convex diffuser. To soften light only, order the plano-plano diffuser. All trims have means to hold diffusers so additional filter holders are not required. These fixtures can be dimmed with your basic ceiling fan dimmer (dimmers for magnetic transformers).

For general home lighting we suggest the 3500K SoLux 36 degree bulb. For spot lighting we suggest a narrower beam spread of 24, 17, or 10 degrees. For light therapy we recommend the 4700K 36 degree 50W bulb.

6" Recessed Adaptor Trim Fixtures
Price of trim fixtures includes transformer, bulb not included: $95.00

Retractable                                             Eyeball

Quantity desired of Retractable Fixture:
Quantity desired of Eyeball Fixture:


Color of Baffle Fixture:
Quantity of Baffled Trims:

Select Bulb Type:
Quantity of Bulbs: (Each trim fixture requires a bulb)

Price of Plano Convex Diffuser: $10.00
Quantity desired:

Price of Plano Plano Diffuser: $7.50
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