ColorView® Lighting Systems Testimonials

A sampling of customer responses after using ColorView over 10 million times!

"The ColorView Lamp has proven to be a valuable asset to our color matching
process. We perform a great deal of color matches and the lamp has assisted
in getting quicker, more accurate color matches for our customers."

Duane Wheaton, Adamson Johnson Paints, Rockford, Illinois

"We are using ColorView at the sales counter to help customers choose and
match paint colors, and behind the counter for custom tinting. As a tool to
help my business I would rate ColorView Excellent for Customer Service."

Frank McHugh, Branch Manager, major paint retailer, San Francisco,California

"If you want your business to succeed you need the tools. This is one tool
that we have found invaluable."

Skip Banach, J.J. McGovern Wallpaper and Paint, Penn Yan, New York

"We are using ColorView to show our customers their color match on the sales
floor. This closes the sale, and shows customers what paint will look like
when they take it home."

Ron; Tulare, CA (Paint Department Manager of National Hardware Chain)

"It's hard to say how many times a day we use ColorView... It's part of
the way we do business. Whenever someone comes in to buy paint, we use it.
ColorView helps customers make up their mind about a paint color a lot
quicker. It closes sales. I love it!"

Cindy Mitchell, Town & Country True Value, Benton, Illinois

"The ColorView Lighting System is all part of the service we can offer our
customers. It works well with our spectro. It gives customers an
understanding that different lighting makes a big difference on the
appearance of colors. It shows customers what paint will look like when they
take it home. This closes sales!"

Ron Barca, Lampe True Value & V&S, Tulare, California

"A new dentist in town had painted his offices with an off-white color. Some
rooms were perfect, and some rooms looked gray to him. It was the difference
of daylight to roomlight. ColorView has been a valuable aid in this,
because the store lights (fluorescent) don't look the same as incandescent."

Karen Oye, Oyes True Value, Arthur, Illinois

"I love it. I think its fantastic. Customers are more confident of their
decisions. Speeds up decision time, increases customer flow, frees me up to
wait on other customers."

Karen; Rochester, New York, Assistant Manager of a National Paint Chain Store

"I love it! I use it to overcome the effects of the fluorescent lights. I'm
using it to verify my matches. Helps a lot with deep burgundy and deep
blues. Customers are impressed. It gives you good lighting without
replacing banks of lights. Lamp is well done, nice package."

Jim; Grass Valley, CA, Paint Department Manager of a national Hardware Chain,
35 years in paint business

"We never sell a can of paint without using ColorView. It's a criteria with
us that we use the ColorView Lighting System before the paint goes out the
door. ColorView is crucial to the Decorating Industry. I wouldn't be
without one"

Charlene Tachynski, Petrie's Decorating Center, Renfrew, Ontario,Canada