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There is a direct correlation between the quality of lighting a student is exposed to and reading and math scores. The Heschong Mahone Group sponsored by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, studied the correlation between daylight availability and human productivity. They looked at elementary student test scores in three school districts, and found that significant improvements in test scores (20+%) was strongly correlated with daylight in classrooms. The study is significant because the three districts that were used in the study had "different curriculum and teaching styles, different school building designs and very different climates. And yet the results of studies show consistently positive and highly significant effects. This consistency persuasively argues that there is a valid and predictable effect of daylighting on student performance." 

While natural light is best to work and study under, it is not always available.  The SoLux daylight lamp provides the best simulation of daylight in the world without rival.  SoLux is the only lamp that provides information about its spectral power distribution, and is used by the world's top museums, galleries, many Fortune 500 companies, and the world's top photographers for simulating daylighting conditions. No other lamp comes close. the SoLux desk lamp is a beautiful lamp designed specifically for SoLux. It is a lamp that your child will use and treasure.  For the application of reading and studying we recommend you select the 4700K 36 degree 50 watt SoLux bulb with the purchase of your desk light.  The 4700K SoLux comes closest to high noon daylight.

Poor lighting is a real distraction. The evidence is clear and the results from the study are real. You want the best light source for your child to succeed, you want SoLux

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