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The Solar Simulator is the STANDARD when it comes to using a light source for color matching automotive paints. Recommended by a number of leading paint companies including Dupont, BASF, Valspar, and Sherwin Williams.  The Solar Simulator's ability to match daylight is unequalled and our commitment to quality and customer service is unparalleled. Buy on line or learn more. 

The Solar Simulator is designed for the rigors of a body shop.  The head is constructed of a heavy metal gauge measuring 6"x 4". The Solar Simulator is small enough to be hand held or can be mounted to a desk or wall. It comes with a 6 foot cord and convenient in line switch. The heart of the SoLux simulator is the SoLux daylight source which is recognized by many color experts and multiple industries including printing, photography, and museums, as the best light source for simulating daylight in the world. 

In a recent I-CAR article entitled "Overlooked items that may lead to a color match problem.:"  I-CAR writes:

"The color match of the refinished panels is one of the first inspections a vehicle owner makes following collision repairs. Achieving an acceptable color match has become more difficult over the years. This is due to the increased complexity of basecoat/clearcoat and multi-stage finishes. Adding to the challenge of an acceptable color match is increased customer expectations...For more reasons than ever before, the definition of a "correct color match" depends on the light source that is used during the refinishing process...The majority of the time, the vehicle will be outside under natural light when viewed by the vehicle owner. Therefore it makes perfect sense to compare the color under the light in which it will be seen most of the time. Since it may be impractical to check a color match outdoors due to weather or other factors, it may be necessary to simulate the sun as close as possible indoors...One of the best steps is verifying the color under simulated sunlight before the vehicle is in the spraybooth. One of the methods of doing this is using a portable light source that simulates the sun. 

I-CAR also wrote...

" The Solar Simulator works well when comparing variant decks and sprayout panels in the repair facility while the vehicle is being repaired, enabling the refinisher to be confident that the color will be bendable when it is in the spraybooth. Verifying that the color will match while the vehicle is in the metal shop can increase painter confidence in the match while in the spraybooth." 


The Solar Simulator recommended by Dupont
to all of their paint jobbers 


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