TLI offers a number of exciting products based on its patented SoLux technology: SoLux Task Lamp, Track and Recessed Fixtures, Conversion Fixtures, Art Light, ColorView Lighting System, Color Proofing Kit, Solar Simulator, D50 Ten Light Array, and the new SUBAHO underwater diving lights. All these products provide the optimal simulation of daylight for your particular application. 

SoLux is a low voltage MR-16 that emits a true beam of daylight with ultra-low UV and IR. It's patented, it's available now and the best part is you can have that true, crisp, clear, brilliant color appearance anytime, anywhere, you want...
SoLux Task Lamps
With the flick of a switch, an instant patch of daylight is created. For work, hobbies, or reading, this is the best light fixture money can buy.  The elegant design has become an icon.  
SoLux Closet Light
The SoLux Closet light allows you to see the true colors of your wardrobe even in the darkest closet.  Easy to install, flexible heads for accurate beam control, and attractive styling.  Eliminate the guesswork.
SoLux Conversion Fixtures
SoLux conversion fixtures provide an easy way to install the SoLux bulb into existing fixtures. All you need to do is screw the fixture into a regular light bulb socket to completely transform a room. 
SoLux Track Light Fixtures
If you are remodeling your house or business our fixtures provide the best performance and value of any fixture on the market. SoLux lamps are best driven by our true 12 volt fixtures with artful craftsmanship and style to match. We offer a five year limited warranty on our fixtures.
SoLux Clip on Fixture
Convenient and cost effective way to incorporate SoLux daylight into your life. Clips on any rod or pole or edge of your shelf or counter top. Simply plug the clip on  lamp into a standard wall outlet and you have SoLux daylight at your disposal.
SoLux ArtLight
The SoLux Art Light was developed to ensure optimal viewing conditions for paintings both in the gallery and in the home.
ColorView Lighting System
ColorView Lighting System is a miniature lightbooth for use in color matching. It offers lighting conditions from 6500K-2800K or 5000K-2800K.
Solar Simulator
The Solar Simulator is a stand alone fixture that houses a SoLux 4700K daylight lamp.
Recommended by Dupont, BASF, Valspar, and Sherwin Williams. Quoting Valspar, "The Solar Simulator from Tailored Lighting Inc. accurately simulates the color, spectrum, and directionality of direct sunlight on a cloudless day." 
D50 Solar Simulator Ten Light Array
The D50 Solar Simulator Ten Light Array  has everything you need to do your color proofing or color checking at your work station area. The 5" x 5-1/2" x 26-1/2" 500 watt fixture includes: Ten SoLux 36 degree lamps, mounting brackets, and power cord. It provides SoLux D50 lighting recommended by all the color experts. With a whopping output of 13,900 candle power you can illuminate an area over 35 square feet with over 120 footcandles with D50 daylight.
Color Proofing Light Kit
The Color Proofing Light Kit has everything you need to do your color proofing at your work station area. The kit includes: Four SoLux 4700K 36 degree lamps, four black track fixtures, four foot section of track, and a power-feed with cord. 
Subaho Dive Lamp
The Subaho Extreme Full Spectrum Dive Lamp provides a perfectly balanced daylight source to view vibrant colors underwater. The Subaho-Diving Light offers more flexibility and freedom than any other dive torch on the market. From 24 available daylight light sources, divers can choose different lighting strengths, colors, and angles. Subaho also attaches to tech diving helmets and underwater still and video cameras providing unparalleled color reproduction underwater.

Design Services

TLI provides the most comprehensive and innovative approaches for providing lighting for critical color evaluation.

Daylight Consulting Services
TLI designs specialized lighting systems for applications demanding the most critical of applications. TLI owns seven patents related to lighting. With our new portable spectroradiometer, we have the ability to measure your existing lighting and tell you exactly what your lighting situation is including: UV, Visible, Infrared. This can all be performed at your site.

With proprietary software developed for our spectroradiometer, we can also reproduce any naturally occurring lighting found anywhere on this planet and recreate it for you with unparalleled precision and accuracy. See for yourself how accurately we replicated 4700K daylight. We can do the same with any lighting condition or application you may have.
How to Find Us
TLI is located in Rochester, NY known appropriately as the World's Image Center.
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