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SoLux™ daylight lamp Applications

Scheer's Jewelers in Rochester NY is a prime example of what SoLux can do for fine merchandise.

"After listening to Phil’s presentation, it was clear I had to try these Halogens. I bought a truck load of the 3500K ones and replaced each and every Halogen bulb in my Gallery and Viewing Room.
For years, it was frustrating to me how my Viewing Room was not perfect to show diamonds. I tried reversing seating position, replacing the drop sealing tile and different bulbs, but nothing helped. Even EightStar diamonds did not look as great as they should.

When I flicked on the light switch I was amazed. All of a sudden, I could actually see diamonds clearly. Not only did these diamonds sparkle like crazy, but you could actually see the facets clearly – this is a great plus!

Please feel free to forward this message to everyone – IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY CONTACTED PHIL TO GET THESE, DROP EVERYTHING AND DO IT NOW! And no, Phil did not promise any kick-backs…"

Happy selling season.

Isaac Gottesman
Owner & Designer

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