SoLux in the Home

With its pure, natural light, SoLux is transforming Kitchens, Baths, Hallways, Dens, and even Closets.  The true beauty that was once hidden inside homes is now being discovered.  Paintings, photographs, pillows, tiles, countertops, flower arrangements, all show their true colors under SoLux.  Of all the things you can do to redecorate your house, nothing has a more positive and lasting impact than improving your lighting. 

Our NEW 6" trim recessed adaptor fixtures makes it possible to install SoLux into existing recessed can fixtures within minutes.  Not only does the light quality improve, but the fixture is much more pleasing to the eye. SoLux is also available in the form of  desk & floor lamps, and clip on lamps. Other options include track fixtures, and in new homes SoLux can be installed using new construction low voltage recessed fixtures.   In addition, SoLux is dimmable so you can create that cozy warm feeling as well as a bright, white daylight environment.  In the photo below, SoLux was installed using recessed fixtures over the bay windows and spice rack.

In addition to making your home more beautiful, and more pleasing to the eye, an  independent study has found children's reading and math scores increased 20 points when exposed to daylight. This result translates into a full grade point difference. Having the best possible light in a child's study environment can make a world of difference in their willingness and ability to concentrate and no other light source replicates natural light better than SoLux. See the proof for yourself.

How do you know what SoLux is best to use in different rooms of your house?  This a general guide:

If you are ordering a study/task lamp.  It's simple, click here, and order your lamp.  Daylight is invaluable when you are reading, studying or doing fine work. 

To order a SoLux bulb you must specify the color temperature, beam spread and wattage of the bulb. What you select is ultimately a matter of your personal preference but the following can give you an idea of how to get the effect you want. Color temperature, in particular, seems to be very individualized. You may want to order one of each color temperature to test out your own preference before placing your full order.

Track Lighting

Different Types of Track

Not all tracks are the same. We carry "Halo Compatible" or grounded track. If you look on the inside you will see that there are 3 floating copper wires (2 on one side, 1 on the other). These "buss bars" are what make contact with the tabs on a fixture. Grounded track is recommended by most electricians and is a requirement for many trade shows. Unless you specify otherwise, our fixtures are compatible with Halo track.

Will my track work with your fixtures?

If you already have track, check to see what kind you have. If it has the 3 buss bars, you probably have grounded track. If you only have 2, you may have Juno or Lightolier track. If you don not want to change your track we may still be able to accommodate you. You can order Juno compatible fixtures if needed. Never force a fixture into a track. A fixture should set into a track easily and swivel into place with an easy click. If you are forcing it you will bend the tabs and not make the kind of connection necessary for optimal performance of your system.

How do I order track?

To order track you need to know:

Shipping Considerations

If you have in your design track lengths of 6 and 8 or longer, consider joining 2 or 3 shorter lengths with mini-joiners. Unless you are ordering at least 8 pieces of the longer track lengths, there is a risk that they will be bent in shipping. Also the shipping charges are higher because of the odd shape. Mini-joiners are an almost seamless way of bringing together track lengths.


How many fixtures can go on a track?

This depends on the amp rating for the circuit breaker powering your track. Each fixture with a 50 watt bulb will draw about a amp so assuming there is no other draw on that circuit breaker you could put up to 30 fixtures. This allows for a healthy safety margin. We suggest you have a qualified electrician advise you before installing a lot of track and fixtures. Physically - you can fit 6-7 track fixtures on a 4-foot length of track. You may want to do this for a tradeshow where you are pointing the heads in different directions and do not want a complicated set-up. However, for most purposes you will want to space them out more in accordance with the beamspread of the bulb, distance to objects being lit and effect you are trying to get.

Other Fixtures

Task lamps

Our different task lamps are ideal for reading, artistic and handiwork. Choose between the table, floor and rolling-floor models.

Clip on

These are a great choice when you have limited space or want to change your light a lot - good for......

Adaptor Systems

There are millions of line voltage recessed cans installed in homes across America.  All give off a distinctive drab yellow incandescent light.  You can change your existing recessed lighting to crisp natural daylight  in minutes with the new adaptor systems.  The 6 inch adaptor trim fits over your existing hole and the included transformer screws into the light socket held in place with a wing nut.  


We also have a variety of recessed fixtures for an MR-16 bulb for elegant spot lighting.


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