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Low Voltage Lighting Fixtures

SoLux is a low voltage lamp which can be used in any standard low voltage track, recessed, or task lighting fixture. While testing SoLux in numerous fixtures we discovered that most fixtures supply less than 12 volts to the lamp.

The benefits of under driving a lamp (less than 12 volts) is increased lamp lifetime. With a low voltage lamp you already get 3X- 4X lifetime advantage so the additional lifetime benefit obtained by supplying less than 12 volts is marginal. The downside is much lower light output from the lamp on the order of 40% and lower color temperatures. This results in the light looking too dim and yellow. Tailored Lighting Inc. has recently introduced a true 12 volt fixture track light fixture. The difference in light quality is startling and we recommend
you specify it for your next SoLux application. The fixtures are fully warranted for 1 year and pro rated for five years after date of purchase. 

Specification:120volt/60hz input 12 volt output for 50 watt MR-16 format (SoLux).

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