ColorView Lightbooth in depth

ColorView Lighting System lightbooth has three distinguishing characteristics that make it superior to other light booths:

1) high quality daylight source
2) quickly and easily calibrated
3) provide a continuous range of color temperatures.

What are Lightbooths?

Lightbooths, or "light boxes" as they are frequently called, are devices
used within the industrial paint, paper, textile, graphic arts, and
automotive industries to provide a standardized source of light for
performing visual color evaluations and assessing levels of metamerism.
Metamerism is an effect created when objects having different spectral
distributions look alike under one light source but appear different when
viewed with a dissimilar light source. Standardized lighting provides
employees in different plant locations the ability to compare color samples
under identical light sources so they can determine whether or not they have
color matches. The ColorView LightBooth provides this capability.

The two quantities that characterize a light source are:

1) light intensity
2) color temperature


Although light booths have been used in many applications, in many markets, none
of the past products could be easily calibrated. This resulted in a lack of standardization.
Without calibration capability, color temperatures have been shown to vary from light
source to light source. This caused problems and errors, reduced productivity, and
wasted money.

TLI's ColorView technology solves the calibration issue. With a ColorView
LightBooth, users can quickly and easily adjust its color temperature. This
ability insures that a ColorView LightBooth in one location is operating at
the same color temperature as that in another location (ColorView LightBooths
can be referenced to internationally accepted, NIST-traceable standards.)
Employees can talk over the phone and not have to worry about potential
differences in samples due to the use of separate light booths.

ISO 9000 and Lightbooths

Currently, there is a significant demand in the industrial sector for
improved quality and standardization. "ISO 9000 Certification" requirements
have helped fuel this demand. The first rule of thumb in Certification is:
"If you can measure it, calibrate it." The calibration capability of
ColorView technology addresses this. TLI has the jump on the entire light
booth industry since its light booths can be easily calibrated.

Metamerism and Color Memory

As mentioned, metamerism is the second issue that light booths address for
users. An industrial application where metamerism has an impact is when
suppliers are trying to match a customer's color master. By checking the
color match under a variety of lighting conditions, the suppliers can be
confident in the color quality of the matches they are sending to customers.

ColorView LightBooths are the best devices on the market for observing
metamerism. The reason is that ColorView technology provides the ability to
observe metamerism across a continuous range of color temperatures instead of
just two or three points as offered by competitors.

Color memory is a subtle aspect of metamerism that ColorView technology
addresses. With competitors' light booths, the change in light sources is
drastic and the user must remember what the material looked like under the
previous condition. With ColorView technology, gradual transitions in color
temperature occur thus eliminating the "color memory" problem. TLI's current
customers frequently comment that this unique aspect of the light booth is
what they like the most about the product.Over the past four decades, the
inability to calibrate the color temperature and resultant booth-to-booth
variations has lead to strained relationships between OEM suppliers and
buyers because often buyers reject a color match when it appears not to
match under their SpectraLight. Until now, no one has offered the industrial
market a light booth that could be easily calibrated. And, until ColorView
technology, there has been no easy way to make sure that all light booths
were working at the same color temperature.

Products that provide calibrated Daylight

TLI offers two light booth products:
1) the ColorView Lighting System 6500K
2) the ColorView SPLICE.

The ColorView Lighting System has the principle lighting conditions
crucial for critical color evaluation in the laboratory: 6500K & 5000K
daylight,and incandescent light. Its patented ColorView technology
provides the user with the ability to calibrate the color temperature of the booth.
No other light booth on the market has this ability. The unit measures
14" X 14" X 14", weighs approximately 12 lb., does not require any
special wiring, and is priced at only $795.

TLI's newest innovation is named ColorView SPLICE. The SPLICE is an
upgrade for Macbeth SpectraLights. Essentially, it inserts color temperature
scanning technology into a SpectraLight and allows the user to do quick and
easy color temperature calibrations, just like a ColorView LightBooth. With
the SPLICEx, booth-to-booth color temperature consistency and
NIST-tractability is quickly and easily achievable. The ColorView SPLICEx
costs $2500 for a single booth and $4500 for a dual-luminaire.

When price, performance and capabilities are all considered, the choice is
obvious: Tailored Lighting makes the best light booths products in the world.

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