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SoLux™ Daylight Lamp Cost Justification

Estimated Savings Using SoLux Instead of PAR lamps

Based on a installation of only 100 lamps, SoLux can save you per year over $7,000 in maintenance and electricity costs.  This calculation compares lamps with the same beam spreads for accuracy. This analysis clearly demonstrates the immediate cost savings realized by substituting outdated PAR lamps with energy efficient, long life, SoLux daylight lamps. 
Lighting System Present Lamp UsedSoLux
Lamp TypePAR 90W Halogen 24° Flood3500K 50W 24° Flood
Lamp Life (LL)20004000
Lamp Price (LP)$5.60$6.00
Lamp Wattage (LW)9050
Lamp Candlepower (CP)30103185
Annual Operating Hours (AOH)87608760
Labor $ Per Relamp (LPR)$10.00$10.00
Average Electric Rate (AER)$0.10$0.10
Total Number Sockets (TN)10080

Annual Operating Costs*PAR 90W Halogen 24° Flood3500K 50W 24° Flood
Lamp Cost for like Candlepower$2,453 $1,242
Labor$4,380. $2,197
Electricity$7,884 $4,139
Total$14,717 $7,578
Total Annual Saving$7,139

Estimated Payback Time if New Tracks and Fixtures are Required
Track Cost per Foot$5.00
Track Length (feet)160
Fixture Cost$34.00
Number of Fixtures100 PAR=80 SoLux80
Labor Cost for Installation$1,000.00
Total Cost$4,520
Pay Back Period Less than 8 Months

CalculationsPresent Lamp UsedSoLux
Lamp Cost for like Candlepower[(AOH*LP*TN)/LL][AOH*LPS*(TN*CP/CPS)LLS]

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