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Fruit Illuminated by SoLux (daylight)Fruit Iluminated by Incandescent

Fruit in SoLux Daylight Fruit in Incandescent Light

Seeing is Believing

What makes the apple look green, banana yellow, and orange orange?

Pigments contained in the apple's outer skin have the ability to selectively reflect and absorb light of different color. A green apple reflects green light and absorbs all the other colors in the rainbow (blue,yellow,orange, and red). The green light reflected off the apple enters your eye and therefore you see the apple as green. (See also red apple example) In the case of a banana, the light reflected is yellow light and the other colors are absorbed. This simple example explains how we see all opaque colors.

In order to see the colors accurately, the light source needs to contain all the colors of the rainbow, and in equal amounts. The only naturally occurring source to provide this type of illumination is daylight the only man made source to accurately reproduce daylight is SoLux.

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