Decide for yourself. Are  Osram's "Daylight® Bulbs daylight?

Photograph of Measured Osram "Daylight" Lamps

As we understand, Osram Sylvania (Osram) has advertised “Daylight” branded light bulbs as simulating daylight or a “natural” light. Our tests results shown below compare D55 daylight (a commonly specified daylight condition used for example by the graphic arts and photographic industries) with the three different types of Osram Daylight products. The blue data points are D55 daylight. The cyan, magenta, and yellow data points are the Osram Daylight products. Ask yourself, do the Osram spectrum's match daylight, and does the use of “Daylight” as a trademark convey to you the impression that daylight is matched? Also ask yourself, if all three Osram sources are said to simulate daylight or a natural light, whether by advertising claims or by use of the “Daylight” trademark, why do their outputs vary so much from one another?

Spectral charts of various Osram "Daylight" Lamps compared to daylight at 5500K

In order to test Osram Sylvania's claims for its Daylight line of products, TLI purchased: Sylvania Daylight® Extra, Sylvania Daylight® Plus, and Sylvania Daylight® products from Lowe's store on West Ridge Road in Rochester NY. The specific products purchased and subsequently measured were: Sylvania Daylight® Extra 13W, Sylvania Daylight® Plus Halo flood Par 38, Sylvania Daylight® Flood 50W R20.

The test equipment used to measure the spectral output of the Osram Sylvania Daylight products was an Ocean Optics fiber optic spectroradiometer calibrated with a NIST traceable source. The equipment used recently had the accuracy of its readings confirmed with an Intertek ETL laboratory. Notice how Tailored Lighting's (TLI) measurements for the 3500K#3 source compares with ETL 3500K#3, and how TLI measurements for the 4100K#2 source compares with ETL 4100K#2, and finally measurements for the 4700K#1 source compares with ETL 4700K#1, (email Tailored Lighting if you would like to receive raw data)

Osram appears to make many claims both on the packaging and on the web advertising for its Daylight® products.  Osram's claims as we read them are in italics:

"Sylvania Daylight Plus directional products have a neodymium doped lens that produces crisp and bright light."  As can be seen below, Sylvania Daylight Plus spectrum does have less yellow light but does it compare well with the D55 daylight spectrum?

"Daylight created by Mother Nature, brought home by Sylvania, offers a unique sky-blue coating that simulates natural light."  
 In comparison below, would you conclude that the Sylvania Daylight lamp's output is more similar to standard halogen and incandescent light sources than D55 daylight? 

"Sylvania Daylight Extra has a color temperature that is higher than compact fluorescents thus creating a brighter whiter light." Judge for yourself, do you believe Sylvania Daylight Extra sources compare well to daylight sources? See below.

We understand Osram Sylvania Daylight® products are sold nationwide at Lowe's. Lowe's is a Fortune 500 company that serves approximately 10 million customers a week at more than 1,075 home improvement stores in 48 states. Consequently, we believe that actions by a major advertiser such as Osram Sylvania can have a significant impact on consumer attitudes and buying habits. At Tailored Lighting we are dedicated to providing you with what we believe are the most accurate daylight products money can buy and technology can deliver. Compare SoLux's spectrum with the D55 Daylight. Judge for yourself what source replicates daylight more accurately.

SoLux Daylight Bulb

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