How Good is Solux?

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is one indicator of that ability, and a CRI of 100 is considered perfect. SoLux bulbs have virtually perfect CRIs of over 98 and 99. The best measure of source's ability to replicate daylight is its spectrum. This makes SoLux the best commercially available light source for seeing true colors. Our competition for the most part are fluorescent lamp manufacturers namely, Ultralux, Ott-Lite, Bell & Howell, and Verilux. We conducted thorough and accurate analysis of their products but consistently we found the spectral output of their lamps did not back up their claims. We also analyzed GE's Reveal bulb and found it fell short of our definition of "True Light". Recently, articles in the Wall Street Journal, The Ellsworth American, and Fox News have been published highlighting the environmental dangers associated with fluorescent light sources. The state of Maine has a Website that highlights the procedures required for the removal of hazardous mercury found in ALL fluorescent lights. A speech given on the floor of the House of Representatives, and available on UTube highlights these concerns. Researchers like Alexander Wunch are finding more evidence of health related ailments due to exposure from fluorescent lighting.

Chris Murphy from Color Remedies (, well known color expert for the graphics market and co-author of Real World Color Management.

“There is only one bulb that I have come across so far that is the closest to simulating the D50 spectral power distribution, the SoLux 4700K lamp."

When is the last time you heard someone, especially an art critic say something good about museum lighting? This was written by the Independent, a British publication, about SoLux used at the Van Gogh Museum to illuminate Van Gogh and Gauguin masterpieces:

The show will delight Van Gogh and Gauguin groupies and academics alike, for the best gourmet-gourmand reason: the paintings seem naked, new and endless...the hi-tech radiance (SoLux) that shines down on The Sower, and other paintings, is thoroughly democratic, there is no bias towards bleak chaos; the slightest variation in colour density, the plasticity or patterning of brush strokes, even the micro-thin shadow lines - all are even-handedly revealed. And, in most of Van Gogh's canvases and later Gauguin's, all seems forever young... the effect is electrifying: the paint still looks wet; one waits instinctively for a waft of linseed.

In addition to the superior color rendering abilities, SoLux has been engineered to have very low heat (IR) output and ultra-low UV output. That combined aspect of extremely high color rendering and extremely low UV and low IR is extraordinary. It means that with SoLux, you will have the brilliance of daylight without the negatives aspects of UV and IR.



SoLux Daylight Bulb

Evaluating the Competition:

What our customers are saying...

"I received the lights yesterday. I am a painter, mostly figurative and
portraits, and have tried Chromalux (Reveal) and Ott-lite in the past. I have
a studio with great natural light, but always had to quit painting at
night because anything I did at night under artificial lighting
always needed repainting again the next day. This was especially
true for subtle skin tones. I painted a bit last night on a portrait
I am working on under your lights and this morning was extremely
pleased with the results. We will be placing an order shortly for my
wife's weaving studio as the light we tried over a piece presently on
her loom as a test looked great. She had been working with the Ott-
lite after I gave up on it for my painting. Color was never right
for me and it gave off such weak light for both of us. Thanks. "

David Schulz