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Customized Solutions

If you have a requirement for lighting design we can help. Our staff has a combined experience of over 45 years working with retailers, homeowners, museums, and art galleries.

Key Benefits

  • More experience with SoLux than anyone else in the world.
  • We invented it.


Our designers and engineers have over 45 combined years working with our patented daylight technology. We will work with you to find the best approach for your application. For example, we recently completed worked with the Wallraf Richards Museum in Cologne Germany lighting their entire French Impressionist Collection. See Results. Also we recently completed a special project with the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY providing them with the perfect solution to illuminate a stunning exhibit featuring Pete Turner Images. See Results. Also we have done work for the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands, lighting their entire exhibition space, Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, and Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester. We have provided lighting plans for hundreds of retail stores selling jewelry, clothing, and pottery. We also consult with clients for residential lighting. Our fee is $125 per hour plus expenses.

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SoLux Applications

SoLux is used in numerous applications all over the world. Here are just a few:

What our customers are saying...

"( "You can use my name and not pay me a dime! Your bulbs are that frickin' good!" "

Shelley Katz