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The New Improved SoLux Framing Art Light Fixture

The SoLux Framing Art Light Fixture has been improved to ensure optimal viewing conditions for paintings both in the gallery and in the home at half the cost of our original fixture. This versatile light projector offers more light, more flexibility of use, all in a smaller package! In addition to improved performance and price, the new design is modular meaning you can choose to buy as a complete assembly or purchase separately. The SoLux Framing Art Light Fixture includes: Track Fixture, Round Snout, Ring Adapter, Framing Optical Assembly, Neutral density Screen Kit, and SoLux Bulb. The Round Snout fits on all previous and existing track fixtures sold by TLI. The Snout was originally designed to block stray light emitted from the fixture. It now serves a dual purpose, when combined with Ring Adapter, providing a mount for the Framing Optical Assembly. See how the parts fit together by clicking here .

The Framing Art Light projects a square, rectangle, or any four sided polygon on artwork with minimal light spill, giving paintings and drawings a "self luminating" effect. A single imaging lens is used to control the sharpness of light beam. The lens focus is controlled by rotating the barrel. The framing projector utilizes the SoLux Daylight Bulb developed and patented by Tailored Lighting Inc. SoLux is specified by the worlds premier museums and art galleries on paintings by Picasso, Monet, Degas, Van Gogh, Vermeer, Gauguin, and Rembrandt to name a few. Click here for a fantastic example of SoLux framed on art at the George Eastman House.

The Framing Art Light's head can be tilted and swiveled by loosening the screws found on the fixture. The screws can be further tightened with a regular head screw driver. At 6 feet away The SoLux Framing Art light can easily light a 2.0 x 2.0 foot painting or if you have a smaller painting the artlight can be adjusted to produce a pattern as small as a couple inches square. We suggest you refer to our data sheet to determine the minimum distances required to frame your art. If you have larger paintings you wish to be framed, contact us we offer custom framing art lights for such purposes.

To fine tune the output of the art light without changing the color temperature we have developed the Neutral Density Screen Kit. The Kit allows you to reduce the output by 30%, 50%, or 60% depending on how many screens you use. The Screen Kit is positioned between the round snout and SoLux bulb. A useful data sheet has been made offering information on foot-candles, maximum frame size and color temperatures for various distances, and SoLux bulb types. Click here for data sheet.

The low voltage transformer supplied with each Framing Art Light provides a steady stream of power to the SoLux Daylight lamp that lasts an incredible 4,000 hours. The framing projector attaches to Halo track or a monopoint halo fitting which is a 6"x 6" plate that mounts to the ceiling shown to the right and can be purchased below.

Click here to purchase halo track components or if you have Juno or Lightolier track contact us. We will be happy to special order you the fixture you need.

The Framing Art Light provides the perfect solution for lighting artwork. There is minimal light spill around the painting maximizing contrast and minimizing glare. With SoLux providing the best color rendering light while emitting the lowest UV and IR levels of any light source, your artwork will be presented and preserved under optimal conditions. The result is simply stunning. For best results, use with minimal ambient light and for optimal efficiency and uniformity we suggest a SoLux 3500K 17 degree Black Back light source for this application.

Qty:Black Framing Art Light FixturePrice:
Black Fixture, Black Snout/Clip, Ring Adapter, Black Framing Optic Asm., ND Kit, 3500KBB SoLux $216.00
Qty:White Framing Art Light FixturePrice:
White Fixture, Black Snout/Clip, Ring Adapter, White Framing Optic Asm.,ND Kit, 3500KBB SoLux $216.00

Qty:Separate ComponentsPrice:
Black Round Fixture $45.90
White Round Fixture $45.90
Black Monopoint Canopy $23.90
White Monopoint Canopy $23.90
Black Round Snout with Clip $0.00
Black Round Ring Adapter $0.00
Black Framing Optic Assembly $0.00
White Framing Optic Assembly $0.00
Neutral Density Screen Kit $15.00

Bulb Type:
Quantity of Replacement Bulbs:

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