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The SoLux Wall Mount Lamps

Our new Wall Mount Lamps are the perfect solution and perfect lights if you need to light large paintings up to five feet wide and seven feet high.

The SoLux Wall Mount Lamps have independent dimming controls for the right and left side fixtures so you can set the light at the perfect light level what ever your application.

The SoLux Wall Mount Lamps exclusively utilize the SoLux Daylight Bulb developed and patented by Tailored Lighting Inc.

The SoLux Wall Mount Lamps come in two beautiful colors, Sable Bronze Patina (top), and Brushed Nickel(bottom).

All SoLux Wall Mount Lamps come with two SoLux 3500K 50 watt bulbs and plano-convex diffusers for perfect lighting conditions.

The fixtures come with a eight foot plug-in-cord and a color matched metal shroud designed to conceal the cord. The fixture can be hard wired if the mounting plate is modified by drilling an access hole. and installing a proper grommet. The wall mounted fixture measures 15" x 4" x 1" and its two goose neck arms fully extended measure 20". The goose neck arms provide optimal flexibility for pointing the light where ever you need it.

When you purchase SoLux, you are getting:
  • #1 light source specified by museums worldwide.
  • Light source certified as the best daylight source by independent labs, Fortune 500 companies, organizations, and professionals.
  • Only patented daylight source on the market.

  • With these features come unequalled benefits:
  • Optimal Visual Clarity.
  • Increased Depth Perception.
  • True Color
  • True Daylight 24/7.

    These light fixtures are guaranteed to add style, grace, and functionality to every room they are mounted.

    Dual Headed Wall Mount Lamp
    Brushed Nickel$0.00

    Select Replacement Bulb Type:
    Quantity of Replacement Bulbs: (Bulbs are $14.95 each)

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