SoLux is the world's premier light source for illuminating artwork.   

SoLux is a patented light source that provides an unparalleled replication of daylight minus potentially harmful ultraviolet and infrared light.  You will find a wealth of information about daylight and how to improve your lighting on our website. In our website we offer the following:

Recent Developments

January 2007, Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art chooses SoLux to illuminate, Cradle of Christianity: Treasures from the Holy Land Exhibition.

December 2006, Tailored Lighting is pleased to announce the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan is the most recent museum to install SoLux to illuminate its extraordinary collection of Chinese art. Click here to visit museum's website.

September 2006. As a result of efforts begun in September 2005, Tailored Lighting President and SoLux Inventor Kevin McGuire traveled to Cologne, Germany to attend the Grand Opening of the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum French Impressionist floor lit by SoLux.  SoLux has received positive press and enthusiastic feedback from the museum's director, Andreas Blühm:

"Mr. Breuer and his team have finished the gallery no. 3.  We have also moved a small Van Gogh painting into our temporary exhibition space lit by - you guessed it - Solux. The effect is striking. It is going to blow everybody's mind" Click here to see images.

September 2006, George Eastman House, Pete Turner Exhibit, chooses SoLux as the exclusive light source. Click here for more stunning images.

"The show looks incredible. I doubt anyone has seen a show of color photography so well lit."
Rick Hock, Director Exhibitions

"Each print is dramatically spot lit like a gem, I couldn't ask for a better presentation."
Pete Turner, Photographer talking about SoLux in American Photo

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 National Public Radio (NPR) Morning Edition

Featured Story on SoLux Light Bulbs -- Brenda Tromblay of member station WXXI reports from Rochester, New York on the collaboration between inventor Kevin McGuire and an art consultant that produced a new type of lighting for art galleries. The Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, The National Gallery of Art, Washington, and now the Los Angeles County Museum of Art are all using the technique to illuminate its Impressionist paintings. Click here to listen to the report.

Andreas Bluhm, former Head of Exhibition & Display, Van Gogh Museum, currently Director Wallraf-Richartz-Museum Cologne, Germany:

"Artists and art historians alike do not need to know the physics of light, but both are deeply affected by it. We were thus very glad and felt privileged to meet the maker of SoLux, Kevin McGuire. The Potato eaters, one of the most popular works in the collection of Van Gogh among the other Van Gogh paintings can now be seen with the best museum lighting we know, and the museum is proud to be among the first European museums to use SoLux."

"We have recently moved a small Van Gogh painting into our temporary exhibition 
space at the Wallraf. It is now shown in front of a creme-colored background and lit by - 
you guess it - Solux. The effect is striking."

Grant Holcomb, Director, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester New York:

"The Memorial Art Gallery takes great pride in being the first museum in the world to use SoLux lights.  It enhanced the perception of both color and space in works by Cézanne, Monet, Maxfield Parrish, and many others in our collection. Comments by our patrons indicated that they were impressed. "It's almost like seeing the works for the first time," wrote one  and "The colors seem to jump off the walls," wrote another. We look forward to equally enthusiastic experience and responses by using SoLux lights in future exhibits."

Quoting a review of the Van Gogh-Gauguin Exhibit from The Independent, a British publication :

"The show will delight Van Gogh and Gauguin groupies and academics alike, for the best gourmet-gourmand reason: the paintings seem naked, new and endless...the hi-tech radiance (SoLux) that shines down on The Sower, and other paintings, is thoroughly democratic, there is no bias towards bleak chaos; the slightest variation in colour density, the plasticity or patterning of brush strokes, even the micro-thin shadow lines - all are even-handedly revealed.  And, in most of Van Gogh's canvases and later Gauguins, all seems forever young... the effect is electrifying: the paint still looks wet; one waits instinctively for a waft of linseed."

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